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Anxiety disorders, Depression and Adjustment Reactions

  Can Anxiety Disorders Be Treated By A Therapist Near Me?

Unlike a broken leg mental health conditions cannot be seen and there is still stigma surrounding the issues of mental health, preventing people from talking and accessing therapy. Whether people are suffering from anxiety disorders or are dealing with depression and adjustment reactions from major life events, they can end up in need of serious help, and may need to find a CBT therapist near me. For those suffering from OCD, depression, panic, and anxiety disorders, CBT treatment can provide a path to recovery.

 Anxiety disorders encompass a broad range of mental disorders, such as panic, social anxiety, health anxiety, Worry and rumination and OCD.  Anxiety is rooted in our fear of the future or of the unknown. The impact of the disorder can lead to physical symptoms and avoidance of triggers for those symptoms which can begin to impact on a person’s ability to cope and function if left to spread.

Depression impacts upon our sense of self, how we see the world, and our future. We become very negative, loose energy, motivation and concentration. We start to notice changes in our appetite and sleep routine. These symptoms can cause us to withdraw and shut down, further reinforcing the problem.

Adjusting to the loss of a loved one or a big move can fundamentally change and impact our lives. Without the appropriate therapy, these events can be hard to process, and they can end up impacting our lives for years to come.

Gemma Thorley CBT offers Cognitive Behavioral therapy in order to teach us how we react to stress, anxiety, panic, worry and low mood. The process involves therapy centred on understanding our triggers, understanding how we react to those triggers, and developing plans to change said reaction. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, yes and no!


Cognitive Behavioral therapy via Gemma Thorley CBT can be provided via face to face sessions at her private therapy practice. Gemma Thorley also understands that not everybody is going to be up for traveling to a therapist due to their difficulties or their inability to travel. For that reason, Gemma Thorley CBT offers sessions over Skype and the telephone. No matter what path a patient wants to take, Gemma Thorley can offer a free initial consultation to see if CBT therapy is going to be the right form of treatment for them.



Gemma Thorley has been an accredited therapist and counsellor in the world of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy since 2009. She also has her Master's Degree in Person-Centred Psychotherapy which allows her to offer a more comprehensive and effective experience.

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