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Behavioral Therapy

  The Role and Impact of Cognitive Therapy by Gemma Thorley CBT

Discussing the world of mental health and the implications of said issues can be tough. In a perfect world, mental health and associated behaviors will be accepted, understood, and remedied. Unfortunately, finding reliable and judgment-free therapy for anxiety and depression can be problematic. For people in Ravenshead, Nottingham, the offices of Gema Thorley can be of assistance.


Gemma Thorley is a certified and accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Counselor. Thorley has been working in the field for a decade while helping her clients to get to the root cause of their OCD, panic, anxiety, depression, and worry. Through guided cognitive therapy, Thorley can help her clients to restructure how their mind and body react to the triggers that have afflicted them. How can this cognitive therapy provide such a profound impact on a person dealing with mental health concerns? That's a great question, so let's take a closer look.


After attending a free initial consultation with Gemma Thorley, the CBT process will take over. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is all about looking at thoughts, feelings, and physical manifestations to see how they create the current problems being felt by the client. After figuring out the root trigger to the situation, Thorley can use behavioral therapy to change how the person reacts to those same triggers. With applied practice and continued effort, cognitive therapy can help those struggling to get their confidence and control back.


Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a form of treatment that has been recognized by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Exploring the benefits of CBT can be an incredible way for patients in need to find the treatment that will grant them so much of their present experience back. To consider the pursuit of this effective form of mental health treatment, consider reaching out to Gemma Thorley for a free and relaxed consultation.

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