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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

 Gemma Thorley CBT Provides Professional CBT Therapy You Can Trust!

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a world-renowned treatment that has been making waves within the field of mental health treatment. Often shortened to just CBT therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy sessions revolve around helping individuals reroute how they react to the potential triggers that are causing so many issues. Whether someone is suffering from anxiety, panic, or depression, mapping out triggers and rerouting reactions can be a tremendous way to reclaim some form of control over the situation. Over the years, cognitive behavioural therapy has become accepted by mainstream medicine and it has been recognized by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.


Gemma Thorley is a licensed and accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Counsellor based in Ravenshead, Nottingham. Thorley has been utilizing CBT for the past ten years to find relief for the many clients that come to her offices. For Gemma Thorley, the hardest part of the process is merely getting her clients to acknowledge, understand, and embrace the impact that CBT therapy can have on them. As she likes to say, "Taking the first step down the path is the hardest part." Once that step has been taken, largely by scheduling a consultation, her clients can learn first-hand the impact that this revolutionary new form of therapy can have on their life, their mind, their present, and their future.


For Gemma Thorley, being able to treat people in need is her most important goal. For that reason, Thorley offers appointments over the phone or software like Skype to accommodate those who aren't up for an in-person meeting. In order to make cognitive behavioral therapy as approachable as possible, Thorley offers a pressure-free and expense-free initial consultation. Merely call into her offices in order to learn more about scheduling a consultation and learning the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy in person.

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